What is required??

~The state mandates that in addition to the 24 hours of classroom time, the teen must also complete a total of 8 hours behind the wheel with one of our state licensed/certified instructors. We break up the 8 hours into 4 - Two hour lessons.

What do i need to have with me??

~Student must have their valid state issued Temporary Driver Permit with them at the time of their lesson.

HOW do i schedule my 4 B.T.W. lessons?

~See the above menu bar, and hold cursor over the "Behind the Wheel Lessons" And click on "Build B.T.W. Profile". Click and follow the steps to create your profile. You may build your profile, but you will not be authorized to log into it until ALL 24 hours of class has been completed, and student has Paid in Full.  Once profile has been created and authorized for use, you may visit the "Log into BTW" to view instructors individualized schedules, or click on "No Preference" to see the the first available lessons that may be selected. You may view the instructors schedules up to 3 months from now.  ~

Where do i get picked up at?

     Stanley's will pick up at Home, School, or Work if located on the west side of Cincinnati. As we are a westside based company, and majority of students reside on the west side of town, Stanley's does limit the extent of distance that we are able to travel to for the pick ups of our students. We do this in an effort to keep your teen driving on the roads they will be on most often. (Especially since most crashes occure inside of a 20 mile radius of home.) In addition, our instructors are limited by a two hour time frame to work with each student for their lesson.  Most instances involving a student living outside of our drive area is alleviated by finding an agreeable meeting point for the students pick up. Most often this is their respective high school. 

High School Pick Up Locations:

Oak Hills: In front of school flagpole
Taylor HS: In front  of school
Elder HS: Schaeper Center Parking Lot (side facing Glenway Ave)
Seton HS: In front of school
McAuley HS: In front of school
Mercy HS: In front of school
LaSalle HS: At LaSalle Place Subdivision next to school. Unless lession is 5p.m. or later. If 5p.m. or later pick up will be in front of school, by the entrance doors.
**Be on the lookout for Stanley's Student Driver Car as after school traffic can be crazy!!***

Be Good, Be Safe, Drive Smart!!